Fly Tying

MissisSippi Coast Fly Fishers

Rod Building

This mentor (fishing instructor) will teach the art of fly fishing techniques, what fly's to use, when, where, and how to use flies to catch fish. This mentor will teach the art of cleaning the different species of fish in preparation for the table. Will teach the proper use of knives, gloves, and details of filleting the fish. Will teach how, when, where, to target certain species of fish. The mentors of this category should be fresh water and salt water as there is quite a difference.

This mentor (casting instructor) will teach the budding fly fisher person how to cast. Demonstrating all of the different casts of the fly rod. Will recommend the correct fly rod, fly line, and tippet required for the species of fish targeted. This instructor will advise on purchases for fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, and other related casting equipment.

This mentor (rod building instructor) will teach the budding fly fisher the basics of building a functional fly rod.

Kayaking & Kayak Fly Fishing – This mentor is an American Canoe Association (ACA) Open Water Coastal Kayaking instructor who has been a kayak fisherman since 1996. He enjoys fly fishing from a kayak for tailing redfish in shallow marshes. Hank will introduce you to being safe in a kayak, efficiently paddle (which means less energy used paddling), and ideas on how to set up a kayak for fishing. He also teaches advanced sea kayak skills for paddlers interested in kayak touring and/ or multi-day kayaking camping, fishing adventures

This mentor (fly tying instructor) will teach the art of fly tying, and proper fly tying materials such as feathers, hooks, cork, glues, paints, threads, and etc.

The mentor program is broken down into specific categories. The budding fly fisher person​ - This person's responsibilities will be to set up within the mentor's scheduled times and places to receive the proper instructions for the mentor programs offered. Dependent on the budding fly fisher person capabilities some may take additional time to complete their training.